Why Us?

"That's easy..."- Brewer Holmes, CEO

Being the father of two growing boys and husband to a loving wife means that Brewer knows the importance of keeping his loved ones safe from the threats of the world. Plagued by biting insects his entire life, it has become his passion and purpose to keep his family and yours safe from these pests. Causing the deaths of an average of one million humans each year, mosquitoes are a threat that we are surrounded by each and every day, but many times fail to detect.

We are proactive.

not reactive.

Over the past two decades we have protected our customers from mosquitoes, gnats, flies and many other pests that encroach upon outdoor living. We use a unique blend of technology and expertise, and offer guaranteed same day treatments. We utilize not only spray treatment, but the Coastal Mister, an automated misting system that is the best insecticide delivery system available. Our IPM programs have allowed

thousands of people across the Southeast to enjoy time outdoors uninhibited by

annoying pests that can ruin an afternoon as quickly as a thunderstorm.


140 Sky Spaces Ct,

Saint Simons Island, Georgia, 31522

Office: 912-634-2466

Cell: 912-399-5566


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